Marine Geoscience Data System


Arctic Ice Movies

Animations of Arctic Sea Ice Motion:  2/1979 to 11/1997

Pfirman, S. and W. Haxby (2000) Animations of Arctic Ice Origin and Age.

Quicktime animations - ~ 60 MByte each

Sea of Origin
Ice Travel Time

Java Player - lets you toggle between Sea of Origin and Ice Travel Time (Age). 
The controls are a bit strange.
The applet will open in your web browser (maybe). 
The application - IceMotion.jar (unix, Linux, MacOSX) or IceMotion.exe (Windows)- will run off-line.

Applet jar (3.5 MByte)
exe (3.5 MByte)



frame rate  -   milliseconds per frame - 100 means10 frames per second

frame              number of the frame you are viewing

+  or  -             to change direction, or step in that direction
   91                 year at current frame being viewed