Contributed Education Material

We thank GeoMapApp users who contribute education material for sharing with the rest of the community. The activities can be downloaded below, where they are grouped in broad categories. If you wish to contribute material, please contact us. Thank you!

Plate Tectonics

Key words: Seafloor spreading. Seafloor crustal age. Elevation profiles. Physiography.
Author: Geoff Abers, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Download (PDF, 71 kB)

Key words: Sumatra earthquakes. Aftershocks. Central America volcanoes. Physiography. Elevation profiles.
Author: Mike Carr, Rutgers University
Download (zipped file of four activities plus data sets, 426 kB)

Key words: Seafloor mapping. Map projection. Resolution. Seafloor photos. Elevation profiles.
Author: Liz Johnstone, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Download (Word doc, 2.5 MB)

Key words: Seafloor mapping. Hydrothermal vents. Resolution. Seafloor photos. Ridge 2000.
Author: Chris Roman, University of Rhode Island
Download (PDF, 305 kB)

Key words: Plate boundaries. Earthquakes. Volcanoes.
Author: Jeff Ryan, University of South Florida
Modified by Sandra Swenson, John Jay College
Download (Word doc, 29 kB)

Key words: Plate boundaries. Earthquakes.
Author: Adam Shale, Bronx Community College
Download (zipped file of activity plus data set, 21 kB)

Key words: Elevation profiles. Physiography.
Author: Wendy Van Norden, Harvard-Westlake School, CA
Download (Word doc, 1.5 MB)

Key words: Elevation profiles. Physiography. (In Italian)
Author: Matteo Cattadori, iCleen - Trento Museo delle Scienze
Activity link (Teacher edition and student edition download files at bottom of web page)

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Key words: Subduction-related volcanism. Magma generation. EarthChem data.
Author: Elisabeth Nadin, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Download (Word doc, 1 MB)

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Past Climate

Key words: Antarctica. Sediment Core. Pollen. Drilling. Shaldril.
Author: Steven Babcock and Sophie Warny, Louisiana State University. Frank Nitsche, LDEO.
View EET Chapter

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Marine Biology

Key words: Whale tracking. Sea ice. Environment. Map projection. Seafloor mapping. Elevation profiles.
Author: Michelle Kinzel, Oregon State University
Download (zipped file of five activities and supplemental material, 15 MB)

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